1.   John Hammond - Pianist Upreme
2.   Jim with my favorite Italian Travel Bass
3.   Left to Right - Joanna, Lisa G. and Jazz Mommy
4.   Yevette and Jim at "Mom and Pop Recording Studio"
5.   The Queen stands alone, Cheryl Barnes Cabasso - Saing!
6.   ....and Angie Whitney Crooning.
7.   Charles in his Arranger Role.
8.   John Chiodini with his favorite guitar at the "Mom and Pop"
       Recording Studio.
9.   A MOTLEY CREW INDEED! The background singing
     Tabernacle Choir
10. Pete Christlieb without his Saxophones!
11. Charles and John in serious creativity
12. Mopsy the Jazz Doggie
13. Gizmo the Sentinel
14. Mark Gordon Creamer - Engineer the Great.
15. George Gaffney playing his Midi Grand.